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Being a traveling conservatory of song, allows
our staff and visiting professionals to work with
young people across the United States.  All are
able to join together for a concentrated
experience focused on the poetry and technical
aspects of the classical art song.  
Song - \ˈsȯŋ\ noun

Middle English, from
Old English sang; akin
to Old English singan to

Date: before 12th

1: the act or art of

2: poetical composition

3 a: a short musical
composition of words
and music b: a
collection of such

4: a distinctive or
characteristic sound or
series of sounds (as of a
bird, insect, or whale)

5 a: a melody for a lyric
poem or ballad b: a
poem easily set to music

6 a: a habitual or
characteristic manner
b: a violent, abusive, or
noisy reaction <put up
quite a song>

7: a small amount
<sold for a song>
A traveling conservatory of song
About Us
Our mission and dedication is to bring
high-quality educational and performance
opportunities to young career-oriented singers,
and to offer a rich cultural experience to the
people of their communities.
Art, dance, history, literature and
business skills are incorporated in
workshops as the host institutions
request or as workshop elements
require, enabling a comprehensive
and in depth study of the vocal
experience and interconnectedness
of all the fine arts.  
"Very few students get asked to work with professionals like this and get
the one-on-one help that we did.  I quickly learned the music we were to
perform, changed my way of singing for the better, and also learned
how to get along and work with other great musicians."
                                                                                         ~ Grant (Participant)
"This festival was one of the most thrilling experiences of
my life.  It has given me the opportunity to work with
wonderful musicians, and study under some very
brilliant individuals."
                                                 ~  Marie (Participant)
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